What Are Your Biggest Challenges?

Having a tough time filling critical positions in a tight talent market?

Agency 8 is not afraid to say we are true headhunters. We will leave no stone unturned to find your ideal candidate. As a local firm, we are small and specialized enough to recruit from almost anywhere ­– even your direct competitors.

Why Partner With Agency 8?

  • We choose technology solutions that make hiring mobile, easy, and fast for our clients and candidates.
  • We interview candidates in person – even if it means setting up a mobile office – getting to know each individual is that important to us.
  • We like people! We stay in touch throughout the process until we can make the perfect match that makes all parties happy.
  • Half of our placements are referrals. That means faster, more accurate hires for you.
  • Our onboarding process can be completed in less than 8 minutes – even from a mobile device – so every employee is ready to hit the ground running.

At Agency 8, technology doesn’t replace the human touch, it frees us to spend more time with each client and candidate.

Agency 8 by the Numbers:

  • 97% success rate on direct hire placements
  • 90-day guarantee on every placement
  • 98% of our clients give us repeat business
  • 50% of candidates come from referrals
  • 5-star ratings are common on most sites

And lastly, our eight-step process delivers top talent for even tough-to-fill positions, in just 3-14 days.

How We Recruit

Need to add a key player to your team? We’ve got you covered! At Agency 8, we are always proactively recruiting. Chances are, when you call us with a request, we’ll already know someone who will be a great fit! If not, we’ll put on a full-court press to find the ideal candidate for the position.

Love to hire, hate the risk? Temp-to-hire is for you. A full-time job candidate works for you while remaining an Agency 8 employee. Once you decide they know their stuff and are a great fit, you can hire them. Something not quite right? No worries. We’ll be happy to try again until we find the employee who is just right for you.

Are you an employer who can use a little HR advice? You’re in luck! Our owner is the Texas District Director for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). She would be happy to meet with you to discuss your business, offer advice and share best practices that really work.

Learn how Agency 8 can help you find the talent you need.

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COVID-19 Update

Agency 8 is committed to giving employers and job seekers the resources they need to succeed during the pandemic. Our facility is stocked with masks, gloves, and other PPEs to keep clients and employees safe, as well as having an open air and virtual interview options to abide by social distancing standards. Agency 8 remains open and operational to help support you through this crisis. We have implemented many health safety protocols, such as over 50% of our staff is working remotely and maintaining social distancing for those in the office, to keep our employees, clients, and the public safe. Additionally, we are having our clients complete their drug testing at a third-party facility instead of at our office. Agency 8 is here to guide you through the crisis and come out winning. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact team@agency8recruiting.com and we will promptly answer.