Hiring can be hard for first time hiring managers and seasoned professionals alike. Thankfully, we have created a set of HR resources that can help with training, planning, and candidate selection. Even if you’re acquainted with the basics and have a professional Recruiter on your side, you can still benefit from intuitive hiring templates, tools and tips.

The hiring process starts with opening a new position and ends when your new hire settles in.

Every step of the way, HR resources can help you plan better, save time and improve your recruiting skills. If used correctly, they can streamline your hiring process, and improve new hire retention.

Here’s a hiring manager toolkit we created for you, that can help you avoid common interviewing mistakes, improve candidate experience and make the right hire:


Fillable-Interview-Scorecard-002.pdf (999 downloads)


Your hiring process should accomplish 3 goals:

To qualify the candidate, to educate the candidate, and to assess their job fit.

Interview scorecards are essential to preventing implicit bias and to hiring the most qualified talent for your organization. By using the Agency 8 interview scorecard template, the structure will be added to the interview process. Ultimately, you can then hone in on the skills required to be successful in the role and the company. By linking clearly defined hiring objectives and experience to the company’s strategic business goals, the Interview scorecard can serve as a way of focusing on the true job fit and support the company’s goals.  Ready to get started?  Simply download the link for your Free Scoreable Interview template. Want access to more free tools?  Reach out to us at team@agency8recruiting.com. We are happy to help make you successful!

Manager’s Guide to Interviewing

Interview Scorecard

8-Step Recruiting Method

COVID Guide to Reopening

Talent Showcase

Interview Preparation Guide


COVID-19 Update

Agency 8 is committed to giving employers and job seekers the resources they need to succeed during the pandemic. Our facility is stocked with masks, gloves, and other PPEs to keep clients and employees safe, as well as having an open air and virtual interview options to abide by social distancing standards. Agency 8 remains open and operational to help support you through this crisis. We have implemented many health safety protocols, such as over 50% of our staff is working remotely and maintaining social distancing for those in the office, to keep our employees, clients, and the public safe. Additionally, we are having our clients complete their drug testing at a third-party facility instead of at our office. Agency 8 is here to guide you through the crisis and come out winning. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact team@agency8recruiting.com and we will promptly answer.