Agency 8 Donates to the Clear Lake Food Pantry Again

The Clear Lake Food Pantry is a faith-based 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. Their mission is below!

We believe it is our faith in the love of Jesus Christ that calls us to be a fountain of hope for our fellow man. Through our ministries and following the teachings of Jesus Christ, we strive to help feed the hungry, comfort the cold, and raise up the downtrodden. We know that a helping hand is always worthy in the eyes of the lord.

Donating Again

The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted longer than any of us had thought and made a huge impact on our lives. With unemployment at an all time high, families are struggling to put food on the table. Last week Agency 8  donated a full car of food to the Clear Lake Food pantry. The combined efforts of our community lead to the feeding of 242 families or just under 1,000 people in our community. We would love to hear about the positive efforts you are seeing in your community! 

We encourage you to donate now! Financial contributions help  Food pantries to buy food in bulk or you can drop off food goods at Agency 8. Our office is closed but we go to the office daily to check mail and can pick up any items left at our door to donate for you.

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COVID-19 Update

Agency 8 is committed to giving employers and job seekers the resources they need to succeed during the pandemic. Our facility is stocked with masks, gloves, and other PPEs to keep clients and employees safe, as well as having an open air and virtual interview options to abide by social distancing standards. Agency 8 remains open and operational to help support you through this crisis. We have implemented many health safety protocols, such as over 50% of our staff is working remotely and maintaining social distancing for those in the office, to keep our employees, clients, and the public safe. Additionally, we are having our clients complete their drug testing at a third-party facility instead of at our office. Agency 8 is here to guide you through the crisis and come out winning. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact and we will promptly answer.