Graduating During the Pandemic? Here’s How to Secure a Job


We all thought that only the Class of 2020 was going to have online graduation and job uncertainty, but the woes of the pandemic seem like they are bleeding into 2021. Graduating is scary by itself, but graduating during a pandemic and high unemployment adds additional anxiety to your life. With impending student loan repayments knocking on the door, it is imperative that you secure a job post-graduation. Here’s how to do that. 

Work With Your University’s Career Center 

If your university has a career center, take advantage of their resources. Employers will come to your university’s career center to find candidates for entry level positions. Your career center will also work with you to polish your resume and help you prepare for interviews. They are a valuable resource that you may not get after you graduate, so utilize their expertise!

Start Networking

“It’s not what you know, but who you know” has never been truer than during COVID-19. Has a guest speaker in one of your classes inspired you? Do you have a family friend or relative that has a business in an industry you’re interested in? Does your professor have a lot of contacts in an industry you’d prefer to be in? Reach out now to establish a connection that may lead to a job. However, reach out with a genuine interest in getting to know them, don’t treat them like a recruiter. Your university may also be doing virtual networking events or virtual job fairs, so attend those to gain some connections. Knowing someone at a company will not guarantee a job, but it will guarantee that someone will actually look at your resume. 

Reach Out to Previous Managers From Internships/Jobs

This ties into the networking step, but helps you branch out your network. If you had an amazing experience at one of your old internships and would like to work for them in the future, express that to your previous manager. Even if they do not have a job opening, it’s good to keep in touch with everyone you’ve worked with because you never know if there will be an opportunity for you. If anything, keep in touch with them to keep your references updated. 

Prepare for Remote Hiring

It is most likely that employers are going to be conducting the majority of their hiring process virtually, so practice your phone and video interview skills. Interviewing in person is much different than interviewing through Zoom, Skype, etc., make sure you are competent in showing your personality and skills through each medium. Check out our Instagram page for interview tips. 

Add Certifications to Your Resume

There are many free certifications courses that you can acquire and add to your resume. Many entry level candidates do not have certifications, so having some on your resume will put you ahead of other candidates. Completing certain certifications will also help you negotiate a higher salary. Additionally, ask your career counselor if there are any certification courses that you can take through your university for free. Getting certified may seem inconsequential, but it’s the little things on your resume that will secure an interview. 

We hope these tips will help you find a job after you graduate. Remember that this is an extremely difficult time to find a job, so don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t found a job yet. Keep working hard and luck will soon find you. 

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