New To Texas? Here Are Some Phrases To Get Familiar With

I reckon you are not from around here are ya?

New to the south and interviewing?  We are fixin’ to teach you all you need to know to speak Southern and Interview in the South. Someone once said that when you visit the South, you need a translator. It’s true, y’all know we do have a mouthful of sayings that only Southerners understand. If you are not from these parts you might be scratching your head wonderin’ what the heck is going on?  Take a look at some of our favorite Southern sayings and how to know where you stand in the interview process.

First, a good southern saying usually needs to have the formula of animals, food, God, weather, or Mama. We like to exaggerate down here and we need to tell you just the right volume of good or bad it is with a southern saying. Or maybe, we just need to make sure to put terms in an understanding that anyone in the “sticks” can understand. You catch my drift?

So, let’s say the Recruiter said “Now, don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Well, I reckon they are saying to keep looking at different opportunities as this one might not work out.

Now, what if your Interviewer said “the rest of the candidates ain’t worth a hill of beans!” Well then, you are looking pretty darn good at landing this opportunity. How sweet is that?  Sweeter than a good southern ice tea!

So now your chances look pretty good to get that job offer “as long as the creek don’t rise”. Just be down south for one hurricane and you will get the jest of this saying. But, if all things stay the same, I would say you are looking “pretty as a peach”.

But now, if you don’t get that job and you have to call home. Well, Mama is going to be “madder than a wet hen” (that’s southern for real real mad.) Like how mad? Have you ever been “worn the slap out?” or had to shout “heavens to Betsy”?  Well this one is way worse on the angry scale than those. Better hold on your britches for what comes next!

But let’s say you DO get the offer. Congratulations!  Now you must “hush your mouth” on your pay rate and sign on bonus. You start the town gossiping on pay and you will be hearing about it “till the cows come home”. But bless your heart, you done did well! 

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