Smart Hiring processes that will impact your company’s success

8 Job Interview tips

Smart Hiring processes that will impact your company’s success

The proposition is undeniable: you can’t build a great company without gr8 people. But how many companies are as rigorous about hiring as they comfortable evaluating job candidates as they are deciding on an investment proposal? The all-too-common reality, in far too many companies, is that hiring processes are poorly designed and shabbily executed.

Of course, making the commitment to hire great people raises an even more basic question: How do you know them when you see them? Over the last few years, a number of companies have asked themselves that question. They’ve analyzed what separates their winners from their losers, good hires from bad hires.

To aid in addressing this problem, we created the “8-step Interview Method” with predictable patterns for consistent hiring success.

We start with the “Interview Guide for Managers” to help train your Hiring team on best practice interview methods to evaluate the talent pool. This Guide teaches Hiring Managers about best interview strategies, questions to identify the right factors, and preparation planning for success.

Then, we created the “Interview Scorecard” to help Hiring Managers fairly select the best candidate for “fit for hire”. This Interview Scoreable form allows subjective decisions to yield success, remove bias, and focus on fit for hire. It is easy to use across all hiring roles within your organization.

Agency 8 Rules for Hiring Smart

  1. What you KNOW changes, who you ARE doesn’t. Recruiting top talent with a unique skill set has always been hard. Recruiting the right skills plus the right attitude….it’s crazy hard. If you had to make a choice of one over the other, which one would you pick? We suggest, when you are in the final candidate selection process, always pick attitude over skills. A brilliant employee that doesn’t show up to work or makes for a terrible work environment is toxic to the whole company and culture.
  2. You can’t find what you’re not looking for. Always stay in recruiting search mode in good times and in bad. Our Specialized Recruiters create talent pools in each of our key expertise areas to ensure we are ready when the hiring need arises…and it will. We will be ready! You can keep finding ways to re-engage with your talent pool with check-in emails, calls, or texts. If they are not selected for hire but you want to still consider them for the future then keep in touch. If you are awaiting the official req. approval then you waited too long to post the job. Learn the Surfer’s way…if you start paddling when you see the wave, you will be too late and you won’t catch it. Always face the ocean and keep paddling.

  1. The Best Way to Evaluate People is to Watch Them Work. The temp to hire model is ideal for roles needing more training. Watching people accept criticism, correct actions and uplift those around them is critical. You are watching them learn and grow with your organization first hand. If you are hiring for more Senior or highly skilled trades, we suggest evaluating through stringent reference checks. We conduct in-depth references for our clients and we are not afraid to ask the hard questions. We want to make sure we know the history of your investment.

  1. You Can’t Hire People Who Don’t Apply. Your reputation is critical. Did you know that 73% of all job applicants look up your online reviews on platforms like Google, Glassdoor or Indeed? Your reputation can hold you back from having the top talent apply/be considered for the role. By using a Recruiter, we can help paint the cultural story you want to be told, We can highlight the best things your companies has to offer rather than the opinion of your disgruntled former employees. We can also ask our positive placements to help write positive reviews for your organization.

Let us know if you would like FREE access to these tools and more. You can contact us at or text us at 832.802.0015.

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