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UHCL Students are looking for work!

After attending a career fair at the University of Houston – Clear Lake, we came across many talented and hardworking students! We would like to show off these students in our UHCL Student Showcase! 

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Emre – Recruiter

Emre shows his worth through his determination. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and founded his own company. However, his true passion is building up small businesses. Because of his background in entrepreneurship, he helped come up with marketing plans for his own business and a medium-sized IT company. Emre wants to continue this type of work and delve deeper into this field through recruiting.

Satchel – Business Analyst

Satchel is looking to transition from his career in Major League Baseball to a career in Business Analytics. After a four-year career as a baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds, Satchel is now a baseball analyst, where he helps develop deep visualizations to market the brand. Secondly, he analyzes internal and external trends among youth baseball organizations that provide guidance for further growth opportunities. Satchel is ready to find a challenging position that will allow him to provide insight using his wide assortment of skills.

Blair – Computer Engineer

Blair is a top tier student looking to expand her experience in Computer Engineering. Her enthusiasm for problem solving through logic and critical thinking is exemplified through her experience as a Math Lab Tutor for Lee College, a PSC Peer mentor for the University of Houston – Clear Lake. In addition to that, she is also the liaison between the IEEE Student Branch and other organizations at UHCL. Finally, Blair is truly seeking to gain first-hand experience with computer systems so she can jumpstart her career.

Mario – Graphic Designer

Mario is a graphic designer with more than 3 years of relative experience. Before graduating from UHCL, he interned with Texas A&M AgriLife as a graphic designer. There, he was constantly creating new visuals and implementing them into promotional content. He assisted in the design of web pages, brochures, and other designs that helped Texas A&M expand their image. Mario is currently looking to challenge himself creatively, as well as improve his craft.

Anthony – Accountant

Anthony is a well-established student currently pursuing his master’s degree at the University of Houston – Clear Lake. He worked at AZA Law in Houston as a personal assistant and billing clerk. His tasks there were processing invoices and employee reimbursements, as well as create monthly Excel spreadsheets. With his precise attention to detail and ability to problem solve, Anthony is looking to get his career started.

Nomso – Data Entry

Nomso received his Bachelor of Technology, Physics and Electronics in Nigeria and has immigrated to the states to continue his academic career. He is fluent in R and Python and has many certifications, including being certified in Data Science and Business Analytics. Nomso was the IT director for Appzone Group, where he reported to the CEO with data visualizations that he created and also designed IT support. Nomso has the expertise and the passion to expand his career in data entry.

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Massiray – Data Entry 

Massiray is an Information Technology student currently looking for a career in Data Entry. She is certified in CompTIA A+, and has experience working as Business Operations Analyst at Fortune Spark Inc. There, she prepared documents directed by management using software programs and conducted other Quality Assurance duties. Massiray is ready and set to put her knowledge to use and expand upon it so she can show off her skills.

Gozde – HR

Gozde wants to use her background in Psychology to start her career in Human Resources. Her experience is broad, ranging from a student diplomat for the University of Houston – Clear Lake, where she helped international students with their application process, to a student exchange program, where she brain stormed ideas to help students learn English. Her experience with communication truly shows how well she would fit in the Human Resources department.

Jalen – Marketing

Jalen is a student who is truly passionate about marketing. He believes that with his critical thinking skills, he will play an important role for any company. His abilities in programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are second to none, and is also familiar with C++ and the Unity game design engine. Jalen is always pushing himself to the best of his ability, and wants to go even further beyond that so he can improve his marketing skills.

Austin – Accountant

Austin is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration, Finance from the University of Houston – Clear Lake and is searching for an Accounting position. He has been a part of multiple Honor groups, such as Summa Cum Laude and Phi Theta Kappa. Additionally, his skill in different computer programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Google Docs/Drive is impressive, and is also familiar with both the Windows and macOS operating systems. Austin’s passion and work ethic will help solidify himself as a hard working accountant.

Jaden – Sales

Jaden wants to combine her two passions, biology and customer service, to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales. She has a deep understanding of the biology career as she has 3 years of experience in laboratory wet work environments, as well as an extensive knowledge of technical equipment used in a lab. Jalen understands the science and possesses customer service knowledge that will help develop her skills in pharmaceutical sales.

Danny – Marketing

Danny is a marketer at heart. He was an intern at Helado Mania as a Social Media marketer, where he managed all marketing plans for all social media platforms. He also developed strategies that directly led to the company’s growth. On top of that, he has years of experience in customer service, so his ability to communicate is top notch, on top of understanding sales. Danny wants to expand on his marketing career even more and believes that he is always growing within this field.

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