How Expressing Gratitude Can Improve Your Company

Agency 8 Recruiting is on its 13th anniversary, and there is much to talk about. We would like to recognize how important how clients and candidates can be for a business, because without them, Agency 8 does not exist. Expressing gratitude towards the amount of effort and hard work put in is important to us here at Agency 8.

Why it’s Important to Express Gratitude:

More often than not, you are ignoring the importance of gratitude in the business world. Time and time again, you see the harsh work conditions of employees, but never the benefits. People are fed up with giving it their all at work and still not being recognized for their efforts. It was even shown in a recent study by the John Templeton Foundation that the workplace is the least likely place to receive any form of gratitude. When employees aren’t being recognized for the work they do, work efficiency drops and care for the company doesn’t exist. There’s a quote by Robert S. Sharma that goes “What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny.” If you focus on those first two lines, they actually hold a lot of weight on this topic. Just like when you focus and think about growing your company, putting time into your employees yields positive results that will have a noticeable impact on the growth of your business.

Benefits of Gratitude in the Workplace:

There are multiple ways you can show gratitude in the workplace, and the benefits they reap will ensure success and growth within your company. Here are a few ways to show appreciation towards your employees:

  • Greeting your employees everyday
  • Respecting their time
  • Appreciate their efforts, even if something goes wrong
  • Bringing them breakfast or lunch, or any way to treat them
  • Thanking them for their work often
  • Doing giveaways can also show gratitude

Just by some of these actions alone, you’re building a relationship with your employees and strengthening the company culture in your workplace. Building up your community and paying attention to everyone in your office helps with employee retention and work ethic. And by showing initiative, you’re also developing leadership. Showing how to lead and build a positive workplace goes a long way for company growth. There is a study that states that when leaders show gratitude, employees are 50% more successful!

How we do it at Agency 8!

Somethings that we do at Agency 8 is recognize some of our star employees by awarding them with the title of employee of the month and even hosting raffles for gift cards. These gestures help build a strong connection between the company and the employees, and nothing is more important than building a strong foundation for your company.

I may sound like a broken record at this point, but I really can’t reiterate the importance of showing gratitude to your employees enough. Although you may lead the company, your employees are the foundation of it, and without a strong foundation, you can’t expect to do well in the business world.

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