What’s the Secret to Getting the Job Offer?

Want to know the secret to getting the job offer?
It’s a lot simpler than you think….. ASK FOR THE JOB! It sounds simple but no one does it.
If you want something, ask for it. Most people end the interview discussion with a question like “What’s the next step?” or “when will I hear back?”. This powerless question undermines your value. If you want that job, to work at that company and with that amazing manager…say it!
Repeat after me: I Want This Job!
I want YOU to have the last word and close the interview with a statement. A very simple statement. Here’s how to do it with grace: When it’s clear the interview is over, stand up, shake your interviewer’s hand, look them square in the eye, and firmly state, “I want this job.”
Do Not Say Another Word. As you leave, give a polite little nod of acknowledgment and then turn and walk out the door.
Asking for the job shows that you are confident and assertive. It signals that you are someone who knows what they want and is not afraid to go for it. It demonstrates that you are willing to take the initiative and take calculated risks. You will be remembered. You will stand out. And you may find yourself with a job offer in hand.
You will not believe how much you have just elevated yourself in your interviewer(s) mind. Why? Because NOBODY EVER ASKS FOR THE JOB. For some reason, people think this is beneath them. It is not and never will be!
We wish you GR8 luck in your career ood luck!

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