Getting “Ghosted” by your Candidates? You Aren’t the Only One

candidate ghosting

8 Strategies to Improve your Interview Attendance

Ever had an amazing candidate in the hiring process just suddenly disappear or “ghost” you? They don’t respond to your emails, your calls and your interview requests.  The term “Ghosting” is the art of disappearing without a word.  If this is happening to you, sounds like you have a ghosting problem.  No need to call Ghostbusters, you are in good company- we have all dealt with it. In fact, in a recent LinkedIn report, 95% of recruiters say they’ve experienced ghosting and a full 40% of candidates believe it’s reasonable to ghost an employer. This is downright frightful!

Why are candidates ghosting prospective employers? Most point to misleading information, an impersonal process, and unresponsive recruiters as the reasons.

No need to be scared, we have a few tricks we are going to teach you. Let’s uncover why are you are ghosted by your candidates. Ghosting is often the result of closed communication, lack of interest and the fear of confrontation. Developing a best-in-class candidate experience can help you solve this like Scooby-do! So we will treat you to some of our easy tips.

1. Develop a Transparent Hiring Strategy

No smoke and mirrors! Attracting the candidates you want starts with a recruitment strategy built on transparency and communication. The best way to do that is to work with your team to clarify your business needs for each hire and be sure that you’re keeping candidates in the loop from the get-go. In order to manage expectations, tell candidates your expected timeline, insight into the hiring process, and where they stand in that process along the way.

2. Keep Promises

There is nothing worse than being left in the dark. In fact, almost 50% of surveyed candidates said they feel frustrated by employers who don’t keep them updated on where they stand. When it comes to the interview process, it is where you build a partnership.  There needs to be trust. The solution? Touch base with candidates early and often, letting them know when they can expect to hear from you and delivering on your promise to reach out. If you tell them they will hear back by Friday, reach out on Thursday. This builds respect and trust.

3. Create Automated Interview Reminders

Simple day-of interview reminders can help increase your interview attendance. We have seen the powerful impact by a “day of the interview” text message asking them if they are going to attend the interview. Most candidates that “ghost” companies are simply avoiding conflict. Finding a non-confrontational way for them to opt out if they are no longer interested in the job is an easy solution.

4. Good Hiring Increases Retention and Builds the Employer’s Brand

Make potential candidates feel warm and fuzzy, not cold and intimidated. Great job advertising, employer branding, and employee experiences make you an employer of choice. This starts with a great hiring process. The best part? It could help to turn your candidates into your biggest fans and future clients. In fact, according to LinkedIn, 64% of candidates who have a great talent journey say they intend to grow their relationship with the employer—even if they don’t get the job. Follow up with candidates even if they’re not a fit for you now. You never know when a role may come up, and keeping them warm and engaged is better than being distant and in the dark.

5. Ask them to Keep you Updated on their Job-seeking Process and Interest 

“Can I do that?” Hiring Managers often ask us.  Don’t be afraid, of course, you can! Simply ask “Can you keep me updated on your hiring timeline as you are likely interviewing with other employers?”. By setting this expectation, you can avoid a potentially uncomfortable confrontation later.  So how have we gone from that polite thank-you note to not even showing up? According to a report from Indeed, the reasons for ghosting among job seekers vary; with 20% saying they received a better job offer in the meantime, 13% dissatisfied with the salary offered and 15% indicating they decided the job wasn’t the right fit for them. The first discussion should always cover compensation range and interest to avoid any spooky behavior.

6. Ask them about Timing

Job change is stressful and disruptful. If they have young kids and the school schedule is overwhelming, then job change might just be too daunting. By asking them if the timing is right for them can help you understand their situation better. Maybe this talent is one you want to stay in touch with in the future. Can you set a date to reconnect with them?

7. When all Else Fails, Try Another Approach

Try a funny email as a final attempt to re-engage them. Maybe they are not interested in the job right now. But, maybe you want to keep them in the hiring funnel long-term. Try this fun email approach!

“I don’t recall hearing back from you about scheduling an interview. I’m guessing it is because 1. you are all set in your job search 2. You are still interested but have not had the time to get back with me or 3. you have been abducted by ghosts. If so, please reply and I will contact ghostbusters on your behalf.”

We never know what candidates are going through and sometimes a little pick-me-up email or a gentle reminder can go a long way in continuing to build or re-establish a relationship and show your personality. If they want to “end” the relationship than at least you are both on the same page.

8. Use a Good Recruiter as your Moderator

Recruiters serve as career coaches to candidates and develop a transparent relationship with them. Recruiters work to let candidates know that they will be honest with them, and in return, if they are seriously considering another opportunity, they will reciprocate the communication. The logic is that if recruiters are honest and consultative, candidates are less likely to ghost them.

So don’t be afraid of the ghosts, we are here to help! Ghosting is just another hiring challenge facing employers for high-demand jobs in 2021. Need help finding Talent?  That is what we do!  The expert Recruiters at Agency 8 specialize in finding talent in Engineering, Accounting, Technology, Manufacturing, Operations and more. Follow us on Social Media for our latest job postings and news.

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