Agency 8 Celebrates 10 years!

Agency 8 Celebrated

April 2019 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary at TopGolf

Time goes fast when you are having fun!  We started as a Headhunting firm back in 2008 during a recession and have grown to a full-service Recruiting, Staffing, and HR Consulting firm. At Top Golf, we celebrated by thanking our clients and employees. We handed out some special gem awards to clients.  We even gave an employee award to Marie, that we placed 10 years ago in her job. She is still with the same employer that has been loyal to us for 10 years! We had some fun games, prizes and great food/drinks.

Thank you to all of the amazing people in our Agency 8 community that have made us who we are today. This woman-owed company was turned down for multiple business loans due to recession back in 2008. With raising a special needs child (with Cerebral Palsy), our President Rebecca had to make it work. Failure was not an option. With no funding and a lot of grit and grace we made it work. The company operated virtually until we were profitable enough to get office space. We now have Houston and Dallas locations and recruit nation-wide. We are a thriving group of women that continue that scrappy and hungry spirit today. Agency 8 is proud of our start-up roots! Agency 8 is blessed and thankful for thriving in 2019!

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