8 Crazy Interview Facts That Blow Your Mind

8 Job Interview tips

Sure, there are standard job interview tips like bring your resume, arrive early and research the company.  But Agency 8 Recruiting has researched interview efficiency for a decade and here are some of our crazy favorites!

Job Interview tips that affect whether you get hired!

1-The time of your interview

When you interview matters! Did you know the best time and best day for an interview? Turns out it is 10:30 on a Tuesday. The worst interview time is the end of the day or post-lunch. Most importantly, the Interviewer needs to be focused with the right energy level for you to shine. Source: Glassdoor

 2-The weather on the day of your interview

Studies have shown 1% lower interview rankings on a rainy day vs. a sunny day. Therefore Houston…you know we have a problem! Source: University of Toronto

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3-What you do while you are waiting in the lobby

Waiting for your Interviewer to greet you can be boring. But be on your best behavior because those eyes and cameras are watching you. How you interact with the Receptionist, whether you are playing on your phone and even how you sit can make an impression. We suggest having your resume or paperwork in your left hand, therefore, your right hand is ready for that professional (firm not crushing) handshake. Most importantly, be kind to everyone!

 4-The color of your clothing

According to a CareerBuilder survey of HR managers, blue and black are the best colors to wear to a job interview, and orange is the worst. Because red can be considered bold, it may be just right for a Sales role.

5-What you do with your hands matters

Showing your palms indicates sincerity, therefore holding your palms downward is a sign of dominance, pressing the fingertips of your hands together to form a church steeple is a display of confidence and concealing your hands (or thumbs), as in putting them in your pockets, is a sign that you have something to hide.

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6-Similarities with the hiring manager

Having something in common with the Interviewer can make them feel more comfortable with you. Because commonality builds trust! Research them on LinkedIn or social media before the interview and find a way to weave the connection naturally into the conversation (without looking like a stalker).

7-The sound of your voice

Your voice is powerful!  Is it low and confident, warm and engaging, soft and calming, or bold and trustworthy? Most importantly, what is the right “voice” for the role?

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8-When you send your thank-you note

Thank you notes are your lasting impression with the Hiring Manager.  The best timeframe to send a thank you email is within 24 hours after your interview and not at 3 am (because they will wonder if you will make it to work on time if you stay up too late).

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