How to decipher 8 Texan phrases you might hear in a Reference check

How to decipher 8 Texan phrases you might hear in a Reference check.

A true Texan will know exactly what they mean!


  1. If you want to know if they have enough experience you might hear “this ain’t their first rodeo”.
  2. Kick them out of the candidate pool if you hear “I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him”.
  3.  “Well, she tries real hard… bless her heart” is not a good thing! It’s a Texan’s way of saying she’s not up to the task.
  4. You can “place your bet on someone” if you hear “come hell or high water, she’ll get it done”.
  5. Texans won’t call that reference information or source “reliable” or “trustworthy”… rather, it will be something “you can hang your hat on”.
  6. If the candidate got laid off from a job they may have gotten ”the short end of the stick”.
  7. Let’s say the candidate is a salesperson, you might want to hear “she runs with the big dogs” or he gets along with the “good ole’ boys” just be sure not to hire a “snake in the grass”, (or someone “crooked as a dog’s hind leg”).
  8. If someone is a frugal Accountant you might just hear “they squeeze a quarter so tight the eagle screams”.


But the real advice from Agency 8 Recruiting is to ALWAYS conduct in-depth reference checks. We know candidates can have great resumes, interview well and say everything you want to hear. But do your homework or leave it to Gr8 Recruiters! We will decipher the “proof in the puddin’” for you!

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