8 Phone Interview Tips That Will Get You A Second Round

8 phone interview tips

Here are 8 easy phone interview tips to prepare you for success.

Did you get scheduled for a phone interview? Congratulations! Phone interviews are often used in the selection process as the first step.  They are usually done to speed up the selection process and are usually conducted by one person.  Your preparation should be just as thorough as for a face-to-face interview, but with the advantage that you can use notes.

When conducting a telephone interview, it helps to remember that the other person cannot see your personality or body language.  Instead, you will be relying on your voice to convey your qualities. These easy phone interview tips will help you engage with your Interviewer.

Talking on the phone isn’t as easy as it seems.  It’s helpful to practice. Have a friend or family member conduct a mock interview and record the conversation so you can see how you sound over the phone. You’ll be able to hear your “ums” and “uhs” and “okays” and you can practice reducing them from your conversational speech. Also, rehearse answers to those typical questions you’ll be asked.  Once again, you will be relying on your voice to convey your qualities.

Phone Interview
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In preparing for your phone interview, here are several things you can do to be ready for GR8 success!

1)Write down key points

Have your resume and the job description printed out and in front of you during the call. Write down key points you want to discuss as to WHY you are a match.

2)If possible, use a real phone.

It’s harder for some people to hear on a cell phone, and this is one occasion where you want to be heard as clearly as possible and you certainly don’t want to have the call dropped.  If you MUST use a cell phone, make sure there’s no wind blowing (that’s really noisy on the other end), and don’t ever conduct a phone interview while driving.  It makes it look like you don’t care enough about the job to even pull over (not to mention the whole safety thing).

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3)“The Vanity Technique”

“The Vanity Technique” – Interview in front of a mirror so that you are engaging. You will improve your telephone presence 100 % just by using this simple technique. You will find yourself coming across much friendlier, more interested, and more alert.

4)“Stand and Deliver Technique”

Here is a simple technique to increase the enthusiasm and positive image that you project over the telephone: stand up. Whenever you are talking with a potential employer on the phone, stand up. It gets your blood flowing, improves your posture, and improves your response time.

Stand and Talk
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5) Turn off your electronics

Turn off your radio, TV, and any other potential distraction.

6) Prepare Water

Have water nearby and warm up your voice while waiting for the call.

7) Ask Questions

Ask no more than 2 questions that convey your compatibility and interest. Save your detailed questions for the in-person interview. This is not the time to ask about their vacation policy or 401k match.

8) Ask for an in-person interview

You have 1 job…it’s to get an in-person interview. Ask for the interview if they do not suggest it.

Relax. It’s just a phone screen.  Truly, they’re just doing a fast match up of your skills, experience, and job compatibility.  They don’t want to waste your time or theirs if the job is not a match. Demonstrate you have the goods for the job and ask for the in-person meeting. You got this!!

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