8 Biggest Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Interview Mistake to avoid

8 Interview Mistakes to avoid

You have a great resume and impeccable references–the only thing left is to nail the job interview. So let’s make sure you don’t make these 8 common interview mistakes:

Don’t show up casual

Impressions matter. You may love to wear baseball hats but they have no place in the interview.  Dress in attire that says “thank you” for having me and I respect your business. Always remember that your goal is to gain employment, not to make a fashion statement. Make sure your attire is also not a distraction. We suggest dressing as if you were going to court.

Casual Outfits
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Don’t show up late!

No matter how well the interview goes after that, they will remain annoyed that you were late. The easiest way to look bad right off the bat is to show up late. It gives the impression that you’re irresponsible and makes the interviewer feel that their time isn’t important to you. Give yourself enough time for traffic jams, a late train, bad weather and whatever else could happen. And if you arrive early you’ll have more time to relax and prepare. We tell our candidates to sit in the parking lot and go back over their “Interview Prep Guide” to plan for success.

Be on Time
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Leave your mobile phone in your car

Many people mess up their own job chances by letting their phones distract them. The notifications are non-stop and will throw you off you’re A-game. If you have 15 minutes in the lobby as you wait for your interviewer to arrive, you can sit. This is often a hidden test for entry-level candidates to see if you can stay focused.

Don’t be unprepared.

There’s nothing worse than interviewing someone who doesn’t even know what your company does. Take some time before your interview to conduct research. Learn about the company, try to talk with existing employees, gain insight into their industry. Excellent sources of information include the Internet, periodicals, and experts in the field.

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Don’t forget to be polite.

From the moment you enter the company doors, your interview show begins.  Often times executives will walk through the lobby on purpose to see you but might not make their presence known. The Receptionist is also an influencer on how you fit in.  Always use a respectful tone of voice. Do not unnecessarily interrupt the interviewer. Maintain eye contact and a pleasant expression. Leave the slang, slouching, and gum chewing at home. Good manners signal respect for yourself and the people around you; never underestimate their importance.

Don’t lie.

Never, ever lie during an interview. Mistruths have an uncanny habit of catching up to people. If the interviewer catches you in a lie during the interview, you have seriously damaged your chances of being hired. After all, would you hire someone that you couldn’t trust? If your employer finds out you lied after you have been hired, it could be grounds for dismissal. Even if they do not dismiss you, you are still in serious trouble as you have damaged your integrity in the eyes of your boss. The bottom line is that you should always be truthful when interviewing.

Don't lie
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Don’t be modest.

When searching for the right job, put your modesty aside. Don’t be afraid to confidently describe your skills and accomplishments. After all, if you don’t sing your praises to your potential boss, then who will? Don’t count on your resume to do all the work; it is only a tool to help you land the interview. Once you get your foot in the door, it is up to you to convince the interviewer that you are the ideal person for the job. Worried that you will come across as conceited instead of self-confident? Then practice how and what you will say with a friend or family member who can provide honest feedback.

Don’t forget a thank you note.

Once the interview has concluded, take a few moments to jot down your impressions of the interviewer, what you talked about, and any interesting points that were brought up during the meeting. The ideal time and place to do this is in your car as soon as you have exited the building, as your thoughts will be most fresh at this time. Use this information as you compose a well thought out thank you note to the interviewer. Mail this note no later than the day following the interview. Remember, promptness signals interest.

Thank you Note
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Not sure what is holding you back? Answer this…are you sending your resume out like crazy and no one calls you? It’s your resume. Are you getting the first Interview and not the second or the offer? It’s the interview. Are you always the second pick; always at that finish line with no offer?  It’s not closing the deal or references.

By avoiding these eight simple mistakes, you can improve your chances of having a successful interview and landing the job of your dreams. If you’re ready to take that next step, email us at Team@agency8recruiting.com.


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