Here are 8 life advice tips from Drag Queen Icon RuPaul

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The Star, RuPaul, opened up in his new book “Guru” and gave us sage advice on life.

The 59-year old Drag Queen made an unlikely career by being his authentic self. He has been at the bottom and at the top… and knows how to fake it till you make it. Here are a few tips from his book and how they could apply to your career or job search.

If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready.” 

Always have your business network growing, your resume updated, and your LinkedIn profile up-to-date. You never know what opportunities await you down the road. Also, be prepared for any obstacles in your way.

Avoid dumb people.  Do not try to educate them or try to prove how superior you are to them. Just smile and stay away from them.” 

Never burn bridges, even if you despise that bridge. Stay in good graces with everyone your whole career path. You never know when they will pop back up.

Smile for new job
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If you really want to throw haters off their game, arrive early.” 

Early is on time, on time is late, and late is fired. Arriving early to work is the simplest way to impress everyone.  It puts you in-game mode and makes people see your dedication. Showing up early can differentiate you from your co-workers and get you that promotion!

“Always wear high heels. Flats are for quitters.” 

Take that extra step to look great every day. Ok, maybe not heels but nice shoes are always an impressive finishing touch! Remember to go above and beyond in every aspect of your life.

Wear Heels
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“Catching a cold is your body’s way of saying, Girl you need to sit down.” 

You have to take care of your mental and physical health first and foremost. You can’t pour from an empty cup. You won’t be able to produce your best work or self if you aren’t taking care of yourself. However, it’s okay to have bad days or to feel like you’re stuck. Explore new avenues and go out of your comfort zone to find inspiration. Keep in mind you cannot expedite growth. Slow, subtle changes over time will create an entirely different person.

“Having money and fame only enhances what you already are. If you’re a jerk before you make money or get famous, you’ll be an even bigger jerk after.”

Start early to define your character and morals. Practice gratitude daily. Stop along your career path and assess if you are becoming the person you want to be. Take time to reflect on your journey in life and see if you are getting closer to your goal, or has your goal changed? Whatever your goal may be, make sure you’re becoming a person who you’re proud of.

Be kind
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“Get out of the habit of trying to make sense of it all. Practice just being.”

Sometimes you will get overlooked for a promotion, someone else will get the job and you will get mistreated by a co-worker. Oh well- move along and keep going. Everything happens for a reason. When bumps happen we should ask ourselves, “how can I learn from this?” instead of “why is this happening to me?”. Don’t let hardships set you back, instead view them as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Accept that it is part of life and your journey will have a few bumps BUT it will never take you off the path to your finish line.

“Never pass up an opportunity to wear a fancy outfit, even if you’re the only one who appreciates it.”

Dress for your dream job and when people see you IN it, then you will one day be IN it! If dressing up makes you feel confident and empowered, do it even if others laugh at you. People are only making fun of you because they’re too afraid to express themselves. Express your true self and success will follow.

Dress up for an event
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We hope you enjoyed these tips from the illustrious icon, RuPaul. Success can be defined in many ways so we hope you find your own definition of success. Our careers can be an important part of our life so make it something you’re proud of. But also be proud of the person you’re becoming! Check out our Instagram @agency8recruiting for more career advice like an interview and resume tips.

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