5 of the Best Pandemic Memes for HR/Hiring Managers

One great thing that came out of the pandemic is great memes!

We all needed an extra dose of humor to get through it all. From Covid quarantine guidelines changes, back-to-work protocol and contact tracing we have seen a lot this year. Here are some of our favorite memes that perfectly sum up this crazy year for HR Pros!

PSSSST… Check on HR….they are not ok!
If we see an employment gap in the resume with the year 2020 next to it… well chances are we just nod our heads and don’t question it!
Agency 8 TPS report
Remember when the biggest problem we had was figuring out how zoom worked?  Think of just how far we have all come since then!

Who knew your interview answer would be soooooo wrong!


We showed your our memes…show us yours!! Please tag #agency 8 or @agency8recruiting with any good memes. We would love to see them. If you are not already following us on social media…what are you waiting for?  We look forward to connecting with you. If you are hiring, check out our latest Talent showcase!

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