Is Your Reputation a Turn-Off?

It’s tough to compete for top talent if your company’s reputation is turning candidates off. Damaging online reviews can kill your good reputation. After all, a company’s reputation is a priceless asset. If you are not satisfied with that reputation, here are some reasons your company may receive a harmful reputation among job seekers. Does your company do any of these reputation-harming practices?

Reputation Damaging Practices

  • Lack of perks, benefits, unfit salary, career development
  • Unprofessional interview and recruiting strategies; i.e., bad interview process or no follow-up
  • Lack of online presence and interaction with users and reviews 
  • Poor exit strategies for employees; i.e. sudden lay-offs or employees are treated unfairly when let go

Your brand is not only just what customers see, but also what potential talent sees. With websites like Indeed and Glassdoor, it is much easier to see what it is like to work at a company than ever before. We can research candidates, but candidates can research us, as well. According to a study conducted by Bayt, 76% of job seekers research a company before they apply and 83% of job seekers base where they apply on company reviews. 

Having a reputation of high turnover or abysmal work-life balance can drive off top talent. Changing the culture and business practices of the workplace is difficult, but making small incremental steps towards improvement is better than standing still. If you have a less than stellar rating on Glassdoor, here is an article on how to respond to negative reviews. Improving your brand identity among job seekers will help you: 

  • Increase Amount of Applicants- If you have a good reputation, more people will want to work for you, including hard-to-find talent.
  • Improve Image on Social Media – Job seekers are utilizing social media for their job search more and more, so having a good social media presence will attract talent.
  • Save Money- Whenever you need to hire for a new position, you don’t have to post on paid online job boards, but merely make an announcement on social media and on your website for talent to come flooding in. 

Steps Towards Improvement

Here are 5  tips we suggest you take to understand where the problems are in your company and how you can fix it. 

  1. Allowing and encouraging anonymous feedback where you can have employees address all pain points in your culture and business practices
  2. Asking customers and clients for referrals and reviews when successful
  3. Conduct an exit interview process, taking in all feedback and implementing them
  4. Improving the interview and job process to make it positive and respectful to candidates
  5. Promoting positive aspects of the company on social media (volunteer work or donations, new hires, milestones, etc.)

How to Make Change

Creating impactful change will not happen by slapping a bandaid over the wound, but with proper care and consideration. Address the issues you have straight on with a genuine need to change the culture within your company. Take accountability for how the company operates; this will show employees and candidates that you are taking proactive steps to reform. All of the feedback you receive should be taken seriously and reflected upon to sustain genuine change. Once you have gathered enough external and internal data to understand where the problem originates, create a clean plan that can measure your improvement in quantifiable results (i.e. increase in performance, lower turnover rates, etc). Remember to be realistic as change cannot happen overnight; small, subtle changes will eventually turn into a metamorphosis.

You can improve your reputation is by hiring the right people.  Agency 8 strives to do on a daily basis, we have a great reputation, and we know how we got it. Let us help you get to where you want to be:

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