Why should you use a staffing agency?

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Why would someone use a staffing agency?

You are probably here because you are wondering “What is the benefit of going through a staffing agency?”. Or, maybe you just love to read work blogs. Either way, you are in the right place.

Company perspective:

Companies partner with staffing agencies to hire employees quickly and in times of unplanned growth.  This partnership allows an employer to focus on the growth of their business, take on additional short-term projects without adding to long-term headcount while having the ability to downsize staff and overhead when the projects are finished.

Candidate perspective:

You want to look at many job opportunities at one time and need career guidance. A staffing agency typically has a few positions per niche to consider at once. They also have exclusive positions that you would not be able to apply for outside of the staffing agency.  Recruiters are able to guide you on how to stand out as the best candidate with resume advice, interview tips and feedback. This coaching can prove to be of great value for your entire career. Make sure you are never charged a fee to work with an agency as these are paid for by the companies. Research and work with trusted companies with good Google reviews. 

Save Time and Discover More Opportunities

  • Streamline Your Search for Jobs
    • While looking for employment, a staffing agency can alleviate many of the timely tasks. They can take care of the preliminary screening, as well as match you with opportunities that align with your goals. Moreollowing you to concentrate on other needs
    • Unlock the Hidden Job Market
      • Commonly known as the hidden job market, staffing agencies often have access to new jobs that are not available to the public. Being in their pool of candidates, you’ll have an advantage using the connections a staffing agency offers.

Professional Resume Advice and Interview Preparation

The Perfect Resume

A staffing agency will help you revise your resume to highlight your skills and experiences effectively. Their industry-specific knowledge will help your chances of being noticed by employers and landing an interview.

Interview Help

Once an interview is scheduled, any concerns or preparation can be addressed. From answering common questions to communicating your work ethic. Prepare confidently for a variety of interview formats and receive updates from your specific recruiter

Guidance and Support throughout the Job Search Process

Dedicated Recruiter for Each Candidate

A staffing agency will assign an expert recruiter to support you throughout the stages of conquering a job posting. They can offer case-by-case advice, provide insights, and update you on new leads.

Ongoing Support

Your staffing agency doesn’t leave after you succeed in your interview. They can assist with negotiations, concerns, and ensure an easy transition into your new role. Allowing each candidate to not be alone in the sometimes-confusing process.

For Employers:

Precise Candidate Selection for Employers

Efficient Candidate Evaluation

  • A staffing agency conducts thorough evaluations of candidates, saving you time in the recruitment process. They hand-pick individuals uniquely suited for your company and your open position. Assessing everything from skills to cultural fit.

Access to Qualified Candidates

  • Receive only pre-screened and qualified candidates who have already been vetted by the staffing agency. This allows you to focus on only the candidates themselves and streamlines the hiring process.


Save Time in the Hiring Process

  • Forgo Initial Screening Steps
    • All initial candidate screening is done by the staffing agency, conducting the first interview and performing background checks/drug screening. They are allowing the employer to dedicate time toward final interviews.
  • Dynamic Matchmaking
    • With the expertise of the agency’s recruiters, you’ll enjoy faster and more efficient candidate-to-position matches. Their experience in specific industries and talent pool ensure a quicker timeline for new hires.

Cost-Effective Solution

Smart Financial Decisions for Recruitment

Partnering with a staffing agency can help maximize your recruitment costs. By outsourcing the initial stages of the hiring process, you can focus your resources on core business activities.

Flexible Options

Staffing agencies offer a variety of employment solutions, such as direct hire or temp-to-hire arrangements. This allows you to meet your specific organizational needs.

What is the difference between a Recruiter and a Staffing agency?

Recruiting services are focused on finding permanent employees for an organization, while staffing services are focused on providing temporary or contract employees as needed. There are times when an organization needs both recruiting and staffing services. Agency 8 is able to help you with both!

Improve Your Job Search or Hiring Process Today with Agency 8

Whether you’re a job candidate seeking support or an employer looking for an optimized candidate selection, Agency 8 is here to help. Experience the benefits of saving time, gaining valuable insight, and receiving extra help for a smoother and more successful staffing process.

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