Women supporting Women

Women help women

Women supporting Women in March

Agency 8 is 100% female-owned and operated and sometimes… well, we raise our feminist flag high.  Did you know that Agency 8 supports many charities throughout the year? We donate all year to organizations including Easter Seals for the disabled, Veteran groups, MS Society, United Way, and The American Cancer Society.  However, this month is special. March 8th is International Women’s day, so we decided to put our female empowerment to work! We are women helping women in their independence journey. This March, we are donating financially and our service/ time to 2 local charities of sexual trafficking and abuse- Unbound Houston and The Bay Area Turning Point. These organizations help women (and men) get back on their feet from sexual and physical abuse. We support and celebrate the positive impact these organizations make in our community.

Photo by Valentina Conde

How do we give back you ask?

Agency 8 is providing supplies for Unbound Houston with a “Survivor Bags”. This beautiful bag has the words “You Are Loved” on the outside. These bags will be filled with supplies for hygiene and independence. The goal is to uplift them as they seek a new life requiring emotional support and financial independence. Unbound activates local communities to fight human trafficking through prevention and awareness, professional training and survivor advocacy in the Greater Houston Area. https://www.unboundhouston.org/

For The Bay Area Turning Point, this March we made a financial donation to help them with much-needed supplies. Last December, we got a chance to meet many of those wonderful mothers when we volunteered at their kids’ Christmas gift-giving event. About Bay Area Turning Point: BATP is a non-profit community based social service agency providing services to individuals impacted by family violence and sexual assault. Additionally, the agency operates prevention and awareness services designed to bring an end to sexual and domestic violence.

About Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking:

Approximately one-fourth (1/4) to one-third (1/3) of all women will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime. Twenty to thirty percent (20-30%) of men will be victims before they are eighteen. Only about 1 out of every 10 sexual assaults are ever reported to law enforcement. (Sexual Assault Training Manual, Texas Office of the Attorney General and Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, 2000.)

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing crime in the world with more than 40 million victims worldwide. People are trafficked for labor or sex through force, fraud and coercion.

It can happen anywhere to anyone. Traffickers target and exploit the vulnerabilities of their victims. Vulnerabilities can include age, socioeconomic status, immigration status, low self-esteem, lack of an adequate support system, previous abuse, and more.

Sexual assault is about POWER and CONTROL- not sex. Offenders use sexualized violence to overpower and control another person. Sexual assault is a premeditated crime where 71% of offenders plan their assault and deliberately choose their victim. (Sexual Assault Training Manual, Texas Office of the Attorney General and Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, 2000.)

Join us. Would you like to take action?  Check out their websites for both Unbound and Bay Area Turning Point and learn how to get involved.


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