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Virtual Hiring Best Practices for Video Interviews

The workforce is going remote amidst the coronavirus pandemic. But, you still have to fill that urgent opening in Accounting or Manufacturing right?  Therefore, you need some savvy technology solutions to interview, hire, onboard, and train. Here are some best practices being implemented asap by Human Resources and some additional technical resources we recommend.

Start with the phone screen. You are probably already doing this and it is a nice “short & sweet” start to make sure you and the candidate are on the same page.  The main point of this conversation to make sure the job is a basic fit. Discuss Compatability on job qualifications, pay range, location, hiring criteria, and interests. Companies are now asking virus screening questions about any recent travel. But, be careful not to cross into medical questions and violate laws.

Let’s say you phone screen 4-5 candidates and now you are ready for round 2…the typical “in-person interview”.  But your office is in lock-down and you are working from home in your PJs.  We all get it!  We are making life continue to work with technology solutions. Here are new ideas to video technology methods you can embrace to achieve your goals:

  1. Skype interviews
  2. Facetime interviews
  3. Zoom Meeting interviews (This has been a favorite of our HR Managers)

“In settings where remote work is feasible, job seekers should be prepared to be interviewed via Skype or Zoom instead of in-person and should also expect delays in interview scheduling, especially if they are looking for roles in companies with large numbers of employees based in regions that are affected by a coronavirus,” said Irina Novoselsky, CEO of CareerBuilder.

Now true, virtual interviewing “is different,” but it’s not an obstacle that you and your team can’t handle. Plus, it doesn’t degrade the interviewing experience and human connection. In fact, you might feel more comfortable than if they came to your office and you asked them to hand sanitize as soon as they walk in the door. However, you might need to do a bit of technical training with your candidates that have not used this technology. You will also need to make accommodations to anyone that does not have access to the equipment or aptitude to use the video platform. A longer phone interview could suffice as an accommodation.

Video Conference At Agency 8

8 Easy Tips for Video Interviews

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Here are a few best practices for conducting interviews by videoconferencing:

Allow time for the Download and Learning curve.

Share with candidates how to access the videoconferencing technology and whether software needs to be downloaded. Allow at least 15 extra minutes for any download delays in your interview schedules. Make sure you learn the technology well to be able to assist them.

Time zone confusion.

Make sure all parties have the correct interview time on their calendar; properly adjusting for different time zones. We recommend sending the video time request and a separate calendar request to make sure the time is correct for all parties.

Time Zone
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Be prepared.

Treat video interviews with the same seriousness as in-person interviews. Know the job description, the candidate’s resume, and specific questions to ask.

Redecorate your home office area.

If you’re working from home be aware of what and who is behind you. Choose a quiet, well-lit room for interviews.

Don't be messy
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Set expectations. 

Give candidates advance notice that interviews will be conducted virtually. Allow them time to get prepared for success as well.

Check your tech.

Double-check the technology you’ll be using, and ask the candidate to do the same. Prior to the interview, test the camera and microphone.

Internet Connection
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Watch your body language.

You may get into watching or listening to them that you forget to notice that you are getting too comfortable. Avoid looking at your mobile phone and looking bored. Treat this with the same formality as if you were in a room with them. Work to really engage and connect with them.

Prepare for onboarding alternatives.

If you are still using paper for all your forms you might want to work fast and furious to get modern solutions. We recommend EmployStream, DocuSign or Bamboo HR.

Want the Agency to handle all of the hiring?  Agency 8 is ready to help!  Email us at team@agency8recruiting.com or look us up at www.agency8recruiting.com


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