10 easy steps to creating your LinkedIn profile

Improve your LinkedIn Presence

10 easy steps to creating your LinkedIn profile (from a Recruiters POV)

1.) Take it in bite-sized steps and follow steps 1-10 over the next month to get to 100% completion on LinkedIn,

2)Get a professional-looking picture; preferably where you are in a suit, at a wedding, or in some type of collar. Smile!  Make sure you look approachable and professional.

Professional Picture
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3) Put your main 3 experience points per job from your resume on your job areas.

4) ADD GROUPS!  Find people that do what you do and join the groups they are in.  All recruiters join groups and search talent from the groups so that is the key to getting noticed.

Join a LinkedIn Group
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5) Make a goal of adding 10+ people a week- sounds hard at first but it starts to snowball. Lookup classmates, clients, vendors, coworkers, and all the people in the groups that you will be joining.

6) Strategically add recruiters that have posted positions that seem in line with your career aspirations.

Find a Recruiter
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7) This is not a social site- stick to positive professional conversations only. Post or respond to thought-provoking questions in the groups maybe once every 3 months- don’t reach nerd level by doing it too much but you need to start establishing your “expert” level advice, this will help you get noticed.

8) Ask for 2-3 recommendations from your closest references. This is VITAL to your credibility. Note: Endorsements are not recommendations. They help the other party to be connected to you in terms of expertise.

Provide Feedback
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9) Find a way to put your email and/or cell # on the LinkedIn profile to make it easy to reach you.

10) Don’t get stagnant. Keep growing and commenting so you pop up on the radar.

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