Can I find work during the Pandemic?

Finding work during the Pandemic is possible!

The Pandemic has greatly impacted the economy VERY quickly!  You may have been impacted or expect to be laid off any day now.

Pandemic Job Hunting

  • Second, look for work. Even if you are eligible to collect unemployment, you will not receive as much as if you are working. Your earnings will be offset to make you whole if you are limited in your hours/ compensation.
  • Third, humble yourself on what you would be paid and what you are qualified for. This is a short moment in time and a temporary job does not reflect on your entire career. The most respectable money you can get is the one you earned.
Job Search
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Here are a few companies or industries that are hiring, paying a fair wage and could offer exceptional benefits for you and your family:

Shipping and delivery companies:

Amazon is hiring over 175,000 workers, mostly for fulfillment and delivery roles.  Look at other related industries such as UPS, FedEx, food delivery like Grubhub or Shipt.

Amazon Hiring
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Grocery stores, delivery services restaurants

Grocery stores and restaurants are your friends. Major chains such as HEB, Kroger, Randall’sCostco, and WalMart/Sam’s Club, Lowe’s is hiring 30,000 employees ,  Ace Hardware is hiring 30,000 employees , Pizza Hut is hiring 30,000 permanent employees to serve as drivers, shift leaders, cooks and managers. Apps such as Instacart  says it’s looking to hire 300,000 contract workers

Delivery Jobs
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Online Tutoring or learning companies

Now that over 30 million children are out of school, it’s boom time for online schools, which are swiftly expanding capacity. Outschool is hiring thousands of teachers to meet demand.

Remote meeting and communication companies:  Zoom is hiring, as are Slack and Microsoft Teams.


CVS Health is hiring 50,000 employees to serve in various capacities across its business.

Dollar General says it’s looking to add 50,000 employees by the end of April.

FedEx is hiring 35,000 people for essential roles.

Allied Universal is hiring more than 30,000 people for open positions.

Dollar Tree, which is also the parent company of Family Dollar, is hiring 25,000 workers for its stores and distribution centers.

Walgreens is hiring 25,000 employees for permanent and temporary roles.

Papa John’s is hiring 20,000 workers to meet demand.

7-Eleven is hiring up to 20,000 employees due to increased demand.

Kroger is looking to hire an additional 20,000 workers across the U.S

Working families

Many working parents are now forced to hire for many months of childcare, now that schools most likely will not open till Fall. If kidcare is your jam, consider offering cheap, flexible options. Snap up these gigs in the next couple weeks.

Get Essential

If you are in a role that you cannot work because it is deemed non-essential. Maybe look into a new role in construction, energy, food supply, or medical.

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