Safe Hiring – 8 Tips to Improve your Remote Hiring Processes

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We polled of Human Resources Professionals to find their best new norm hiring solutions. We asked HR what has worked to make you successful and effective as you interview and hire during the Covid-19 pandemic?  So here it is… 8 simple tools and ideas that you can easily implement today. Since this is our new reality, how do we make the best of the situation?

It is essential to move forward to survive.  We need to balance the safety of our employees and the longevity of our companies. Now more than ever, it is crucial to be agile and adapt your hiring process to suit your current situation.

8 simple tools and ideas for hiring during the pandemic

Be sincere.

Make sure that you are sensitive to each person’s fears of safety. This spans from management to candidate and everyone in between.

Video interviews are the new norm to you but maybe not your candidates.

Video interviews are the new norm to you but maybe not your candidates. Ensure the candidate is well-prepared by including essential details in the interview invite. Include technical tips, ensure the time zone is correct, let them know of any programs they need to download. Also, send them a backup audio line to dial into if something goes wrong with the program you are using.

Video Conference At Agency 8

In-person interviews with unique safety measures. 

We have seen interviews with mandatory masks worn on all parties, outdoor interviews, and offsite interviews (with low traffic spaces).

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Virtual Signing?

Mobile onboarding with the virtual signing of essential documents like I-9s and Employee Handbooks.

Demonstrate your company practices.

Demonstrate that your company practices clean, safe sanitizing measures for employees and customers.

Prepare for virus exposure concern questions.

Ask virus exposure concern questions without crossing into ADA or EEOC nightmare areas. Treat everyone the same, this is always the gold standard for best hiring practices.

Treat people fairly.

Work to make sure that people are treated fairly. New germs vs. old germs are in the eye of the beholder.

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Demonstrate the company brand in all you do. 

Even virtually, keep thinking of ways for your unique employer branding to come through. Be creative, this can mean creating a welcome video for candidates to view before or after the interview, or even something like using VR to give virtual office tours.

Hiring will go on

At the end of the day, the technology we have means hiring can continue to go on, even in uncertain times such as these.

With the use of video call programs, interviews can be done virtually, assessments made online and communications have done almost as if they were face-to-face. Looking at the workplace of the future, virtual interviews are becoming even more commonplace, and this may be something your organization can bring into day to day practice when we see the other side of COVID-19.

While hiring and looking for that perfect candidate, the important to remember is that we’re all operating in uncertain times, and we’re all human.  The world is changing but with the right plans, technology, and practices in place, recruitment and hiring can change right along with it.

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