100 Easy and Effective Recruiting Strategies

100 ways to impact your recruiting strategy

When it comes to recruiting top-notch talent, the competition is getting fiercer than ever. Get the right talent onboard at the right time with these 100 easy and effective recruiting strategies that will help you hire better and faster against your competitors.

  1. Unique employer branding
  2. Create talent pools/candidate segments
  3. Marketing-style job post ads
  4. Build social media “why work here” content for audience growth
  5. Recruiting Agency / Headhunters/ Exec. Search
  6. Invest in an ATS Applicant Tracking System (or CRM)
  7. Optimize career pages for mobile applications
  8. Easy entry level referral program $100/100 hrs
  9. Management hiring training and tracking
  10. College partnership for events and career services
  11. Passive candidate pipeline growth
  12.  DEI Initiatives to make all candidates feel welcome
  13.  Use a Staffing firm (hourly roles)
  14.  LinkedIn in Business page job ads (1-free)
  15.  LinkedIn Personal page job ads (Free)
  16.  LinkedIn Groups for job posts and searches (free- rules)
  17.  Job fair events
  18.  Texas Work Source job board (Free)
  19.  Internship programs
  20.  GlassDoor reviews and job posts
  21.  Indeed.com posting or Resume search (entry- mid)
  22.  Monster.com posting or Resume search (mid)
  23.  CareerBuilder.com posting or Resume search
  24.  ZipRecruiter posting or Resume searches, social media integration
  25.  Dice.com posting or Resume search tech focus
  26.  Ladders.com ($100k+ Management focus)
  27.  Mass texting blasts about job openings
  28.  Executive/niche employee referral rewards$$$$
  29.  Facebook job group post/search (free) ex. Houston job listings
  30.  Competitor talent searches, store in ATS for the future
  31.  Certification searches ex. PMP
  32.  License Searches ex. PE Professional Engineers
  33.  Professional Organizations ex. SHRM
  34.  Physical Signage “Now Hiring”
  35.  TikTok Videos, build a future audience
  36.  Instagram job posts (free or sponsor)
  37.  Volunteer with Student organizations
  38.  Company Interview scorecards, Interview prompters
  39.  Create unique welcoming interview experiences
  40.  Upward career mobility programs
  41.  Mentoring programs
  42.  Pre-recorded video interviews
  43.  Trade school career services (free)
  44.  Job flyer/card handouts
  45.  QR code links to jobs
  46.  Boolean resume search training (AND OR NOT)
  47.  Open house company events
  48.  LinkedIn profile searches/ network building
  49.  Industry conventions
  50.  Newsletters/ advertising channels
  51.  A.I. chatbots to interact with applicants
  52.  Self-schedule interview programs
  53.  Automated interview reminders (curb no-shows)
  54.  Tracking Recruitment metrics
  55.  Email templates for repetitive questions
  56.  Company leader presentations to students
  57.  Create unique company perks
  58.  Swag bag new hire gifts
  59.  Create flexibility ex. 4-day week/ hybrid
  60.  Public marketing employee recognitions
  61.  Authentic employee testimonial videos
  62.  Connect with Resume writing services
  63.  Benefit videos to attract/ retain talent
  64.  “How did you hear about us” source tracking
  65.  Offer “free training” event to attract ambitious talent
  66.  TexVet.com free job board to hire former military
  67.  Veteran job events (next one 6/2/22 @ Minute Maid)
  68.  Create a “quiz” to find problem solvers/ personality traits
  69.  “We want you back” hiring programs
  70.  Social media hashtags marketing on jobs
  71.  Email signature line link to open jobs
  72.  Create content boosting “teams” for social media
  73. “Go Live” Videos for hiring or employee appreciation
  74.  Free food events for job seekers
  75.  Use Survey tools to ask candidates what they want
  76.  Flex job sites like Snagajob.com (hourly)
  77.  Remote job sites: Flexjobs.com
  78.  CollegeGrad.com for entry-level talent
  79.  Energyjobline.com for Energy sector
  80.  TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Services partnership
  81.  Quick hire plans with hiring under 30 days all roles
  82.  Host virtual meet ups for non-local talent
  83.  Hire project-based Freelancers like Fivver.com
  84.  Add key screening questions on job postings
  85.  Use Filters in LinkedIn for “Available”/ “Looking” job keywords
  86.  Facebook company page jobs or events
  87.  Drip email marketing campaigns with jobs
  88.  Sponsor Industry happy hour events
  89.  GitHub for IT discussion/ recruiting
  90.  LinkedIn messaging automation platforms and templates
  91.  Use Google for free resume searches
  92.  Ebsta.com Salesforce ATS Social integration
  93.  Virtual hiring onboarding process
  94.  Referral or Hiring contests among Managers
  95.  Post jobs on alumni pages
  96.  Recruit people with disabilities (free assistance)
  97.  Cenikor or other post rehab assistance agencies
  98.  Wounded Warrior recruiting assistance
  99.  Offer company swag at local events
  100. Community volunteer service engagement

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