Will Remote Workers Get Terminated First?

Currently, most companies are still hiring to catch up with their customers’ supply demands. But, could that all change soon?

While we are hoping to avoid a recession, the market has been a volatile rollercoaster ride. So as employers, we must be prepared. If companies need to make budget and employment cuts, who will go first? Is it the highest paid? Is it purely performance and productivity based?  Or should remote/hybrid employees be worried?

In a recent survey, 78% of employees said that they were concerned that remote workers would lose their jobs first. If that is the case, would it be easier to let go of people you don’t see every day? After all, we cannot deny that there is a natural bias towards people you know better. The individual managers making cuts may be tempted to let go of remote employees first, with the ability to terminate via phone rather than face-to-face. Does this non-emotional decision make it the easy path for deciding which employees to lay off? Maybe… but no matter how emotion-driven a termination may be, HOW it is conducted is vital.

We would hope that these important business decisions focus on performance. Strategic leaders and HR Managers should consider numerous factors in their decision making. Using benchmark metrics, goal achievement reviews and service performance rankings should be essential factors of all employment decisions.

What is the recommended way to terminate remote workers?   If a layoff is unavoidable for your organization, make sure to document the factors in the decision-making process. In this situation, the employee’s direct manager is the most appropriate spokesperson. There should be more than one person present at the termination meeting, you want convey that the decision was a collective one and mitigate any possible employment legal issues in the future. Small Business owners that do not have HR or a Lawyer could record the termination on a video platform or ask another employee to sit in on the meeting. Before conducting the actual termination, you should have a termination letter prepared, designating who will do the actual speaking, when the firing occurs, and what should be said to the rest of the team once it’s over.

Set a date to return all company property and honor any final paycheck requirements in an expeditious manner. It is imperative that terminations are handled in a respectful manner, we wouldn’t want to put our jobs at stake.

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