Agency 8 Unveils a 2024 Charitable Partnership Plan

Agency 8 Announces Charitable Initiative for 2024: Donation Drive for Client-Selected Charities


Agency 8, an award-winning staffing firm dedicated to exceptional placements, proudly unveils its philanthropic strategy for the year ahead. In a groundbreaking move, Agency 8 pledges to make a charitable donation to the organization chosen by its clients for each direct hire placement facilitated in 2024.


This initiative in addition to the charity commitments over the past decade.  Agency 8 will continue supporting EasterSeals, Bay Area Turning Point and SHRM in addition to this endeavor. This innovative initiative represents a significant step forward in aligning corporate success with social impact. With a commitment to fostering positive change and supporting the causes close to their clients’ hearts.


“At Agency 8, we believe that success is not solely measured by business achievements but also by the meaningful contributions we make to society,” stated Rebecca Nutt, President at Agency 8. “By empowering our clients to select the charities that resonate with them, we aim to amplify our collective impact and bring about substantial change where it matters most.”


The process is simple yet impactful: for every direct hire placement made through Agency 8’s services, the client will have the opportunity to designate a charitable organization of their choice. Subsequently, Agency 8 will make a donation to the selected charity, reinforcing their commitment to social responsibility and community engagement.


For more information about Agency 8 and its charitable initiative for 2024, please follow on social media.


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