Agency 8 Donates to Houston’s Food Local Pantry

Food bank in Texas

Our community needs our help now, more than ever. This week Agency 8 donated to the Clear Lake Food Pantry to help feed 130 families.  Here is some feedback on our efforts:

Community Work
Photo by Rebecca Nutt

“The Clear Lake Food Pantry is a faith-based 501 c3 Nonprofit Organization. Short testimony below!

Through this period of clouded doubt and worry, we have witnessed the Lord’s light. He may not give us every answer but directs our decisions for the “now”. This “now” is the source of either Peace or worldly Fear….. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing quarantines, our Pantry began to see the effects on the nation. God put strongly on our hearts that we are to remain open even with the major food shortages throughout our area. When we made the decision to not close our doors, we did not have enough food for even 1 operation day (Due to the Pandemic affecting our normal supply chains). We did not know how God would provide, we simply chose to trust Jesus. With just 13 family bags of food left, we went to prayer, knowing over 130 families could show up the next day………

After the decision to stay open, we reached out to our partner churches mid-morning on Wednesday and explained the situation. We explained that in less than 24 hours, many people will be lining up at our Food Pantry needing to feed their families and we have a shortage of 100+ packs of food. Not long after, that very same day, we received a check from a church and a list of volunteers to pick up food. God provided the finances, the people, and at 7 pm the task force was assembled (most of them we met for the first time that night). Below are images taken the night before we opened up. Needless to say, these volunteers and partner churches stepped up to the plate in a mighty way. Like a hundred yard dash, our shoppers were able to gather the food we needed and brought it all to the Pantry. When Thursday morning start time came around, our doors opened and we knew God was moving. Over 100 families were given food, most of them accepting prayer. God was with us during the “now”.


If you would like to be apart of this movement and contribute to change, please message us!

If you are not able to physically volunteer or bring donations, check out our page and see other ways to serve those in need. Your help matters. We give all glory to Christ, but it is willing hearts that are the vessel of God’s plan. We may not always know where we are sailing, but we trust the captain of our ship. Thank you Lord, God bless you all!”

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us. But there are always people in even greater need. Therefore, the team at Agency 8 is happy to extend a hand. We want to hear about the positive efforts you are seeing in your community.

We encourage you to donate now! Financial contributions help  Food pantries to buy food in bulk or you can drop off food goods at Agency 8. Our office is closed but we go to the office daily to check mail and can pick up any items left at our door to donate for you.

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