Can Employers Require Their Employees to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Can Employers Require Their Employees to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine? Most of us have gotten mandatory vaccinations when we were a child, but we may not have been required to get a new vaccination in our adulthood. Therefore, can employers require their employees to get vaccinated? Yes, with critical caveats. Employers must have reasonable accommodations… Read More »

Is Your Reputation a Turn-Off?

It’s tough to compete for top talent if your company’s reputation is turning candidates off. Damaging online reviews can kill your good reputation. After all, a company’s reputation is a priceless asset. If you are not satisfied with that reputation, here are some reasons your company may receive a harmful reputation among job seekers. Does… Read More »

Talent Showcase- February

  At Agency 8 Recruiting, our candidates come from Referrals, Sourcing, and Headhunting… We go places you can’t go!  We reach talent you can’t find. As Executive Search Headhunters with vast resources, we can recruit from anywhere ­– even your direct competitors.  As a Full-Service Recruiting Firm, we are equipped to recruit in the 8 areas… Read More »

Hire for attitude, train for skills.

Hire for Attitude

Recruiting top talent with a unique skill set has always been hard. Recruiting the right skills plus the right attitude….it’s crazy hard. If you had to make a choice of one over the other, which one would you pick? Learn why companies like Southwest Airlines pick attitude as the key factor in hiring criteria and… Read More »

Pajama Day: An Easter Seals Fundraiser

PAJAMAS AT WORK! Join Agency 8 in our Annual Pajamas at Work fundraiser for Easter Seals, an organization that provides services to kids with disabilities.  Participating in charitable activities increases employee morale.  Wearing PJs at the Holidays brings festive cheer! Your organization can make a difference in the lives of many special needs children through… Read More »

WARNING: Here’s what every company needs to know about combining Leadership and Politics

Here’s what every company needs to know about combining Leadership and Politics   Jordan gets handed a paycheck every Friday. This week’s paycheck, in late October, should be like all the others, but the envelope was heavier than normal. With great anticipation, Jordan tears open the envelope, and then his emotions quickly change to anger as political propaganda… Read More »

Interview Questions to Ask Engineers

Engineers are problem solvers with a passion for accuracy. Whatever sector of engineering your company is in, there are many different nuances that can go into forming your engineer interview questions. When hiring a new Engineer to your team, you want to make sure that they have the skills required to fulfill their duties.  These… Read More »

Negative Glassdoor Reviews: How to Respond to Them

Glassdoor: love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies; additionally, Glassdoor allows users to anonymously submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs on its platform. Your prospective employees review these when considering to apply to your organization. … Read More »

Essential Behavioral Interview Questions to Ask and Their Purpose

As a Hiring Manager, it can be difficult to determine which candidate will fulfill the role best and fit into your company culture. This is why behavioral interview questions are commonly used as they assess past actions to predict future actions. Behavioral interview questions accomplish the following: Evaluate the candidates behavior, knowledge, skills, and abilities.… Read More »

Why the New “Holiday” Tax Deferral Might Not be a Good Plan for Your Employees or Company

The IRS on 8/28/2020 issued guidance (PDF) implementing the Presidential Memorandum to  IR-2020-195 allowing employers to defer withholding and payment of the employee’s portion of the Social Security tax if the employee’s wages are below a certain amount (less than $4,000 during a bi-weekly pay period). They are dubbing this as a payroll tax “holiday,” but it is… Read More »