Simple Interview Guidelines to Implement now

Once you have prepared accordingly, (if you have not already, read our previous blog on prepping for an interview to be best prepared)and you are heading into your first interview, here are some tips to help you ace the interview and make a great impression.  Interview Etiquette  Body language Eye contact and a  strong firm… Read More »

Set Yourself Up For Success With These Interview Prep Tips

Why do people interview? Is it to uncover your passion further? Looking for answers to questions your last company could not provide? Find a better culture fit? Help you grow into an expert in the field? Well the answer is all of the above. Each interview a candidate does with a prospect company uncovers truths… Read More »

Should Remote Workers Be Paid Less Based On Where They Live?

Working from home was once considered a luxury for many white collar workers, but now it is commonplace. Some companies are trying out full telecommunication for certain employees, even after the pandemic ends; but what if those employees live in less expensive areas? Should they be paid less than those who live in expensive cities?… Read More »

Can Employers Require Their Employees to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Can Employers Require Their Employees to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine? Most of us have gotten mandatory vaccinations when we were a child, but we may not have been required to get a new vaccination in our adulthood. Therefore, can employers require their employees to get vaccinated? Yes, with critical caveats. Employers must have reasonable accommodations… Read More »

The Resume Dilemma: How to address Employment gaps and job-hopping

The Resume dilemma: How to address Employment gaps and job-hopping You have an employment gap you cannot control. Not to worry, you are not alone.  Many of us are forced to take time off, for one reason or another, from our careers. Maybe it’s by choice as you were raising a child, going to school,… Read More »

Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency and How it Can Save You Money

Recruiting new employees can be a costly and time-consuming process for companies where significant resources are used, but where no guarantees are offered. A bad hire can leave lasting damage on morale, relationships and can affect project and production deadlines and outcomes. As an employer, you know the value of top talent to your bottom… Read More »

Meet the Women Behind Agency 8 | International Women’s Month

Rebecca Nutt PHR, SHRM-CP is a driven entrepreneur with 15 years of recruiting experience, a loving mom, a wife of 21 years and the President and Founder of Agency 8. Rebecca had an established career in the staffing industry, however as her career progressed she was torn between taking more responsibility at work or taking… Read More »

Is Your Reputation a Turn-Off?

It’s tough to compete for top talent if your company’s reputation is turning candidates off. Damaging online reviews can kill your good reputation. After all, a company’s reputation is a priceless asset. If you are not satisfied with that reputation, here are some reasons your company may receive a harmful reputation among job seekers. Does… Read More »

Job Search Etiquette Rules That Can Boost Your Career

Etiquette, as Emily Post once declared, is the science of living. It may seem stuffy and outdated to some, but having established social protocols can be helpful in unfamiliar situations. A job search, for example, is a time where it can be an asset to have guidelines to follow to make sure that you don’t… Read More »

Smart Hiring processes that will impact your company’s success

8 Job Interview tips

Smart Hiring processes that will impact your company’s success The proposition is undeniable: you can’t build a great company without gr8 people. But how many companies are as rigorous about hiring as they comfortable evaluating job candidates as they are deciding on an investment proposal? The all-too-common reality, in far too many companies, is that… Read More »