Is Your Reputation a Turn-Off?

It’s tough to compete for top talent if your company’s reputation is turning candidates off. Damaging online reviews can kill your good reputation. After all, a company’s reputation is a priceless asset. If you are not satisfied with that reputation, here are some reasons your company may receive a harmful reputation among job seekers. Does… Read More »

Job Search Etiquette Rules That Can Boost Your Career

Etiquette, as Emily Post once declared, is the science of living. It may seem stuffy and outdated to some, but having established social protocols can be helpful in unfamiliar situations. A job search, for example, is a time where it can be an asset to have guidelines to follow to make sure that you don’t… Read More »

Smart Hiring processes that will impact your company’s success

8 Job Interview tips

Smart Hiring processes that will impact your company’s success The proposition is undeniable: you can’t build a great company without gr8 people. But how many companies are as rigorous about hiring as they comfortable evaluating job candidates as they are deciding on an investment proposal? The all-too-common reality, in far too many companies, is that… Read More »

Talent Showcase- February

  At Agency 8 Recruiting, our candidates come from Referrals, Sourcing, and Headhunting… We go places you can’t go!  We reach talent you can’t find. As Executive Search Headhunters with vast resources, we can recruit from anywhere ­– even your direct competitors.  As a Full-Service Recruiting Firm, we are equipped to recruit in the 8 areas… Read More »

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Addressing Employment Gaps

job search frustration

Did 2020 leave you with an employment gap on your resume?  This is the period of time (months or years) when the job seeker was unemployed. Gaps on the resume can be by choice or hardship.  Sometimes, people decide to stay unemployed because they want to raise their children, travel, or go to school full… Read More »

5 of the Best Pandemic Memes for HR/Hiring Managers

One great thing that came out of the pandemic is great memes! We all needed an extra dose of humor to get through it all. From Covid quarantine guidelines changes, back-to-work protocol and contact tracing we have seen a lot this year. Here are some of our favorite memes that perfectly sum up this crazy… Read More »

4 Signs you are working with an Inexperienced Interviewer

4 Signs you are working with an Inexperienced Interviewer Ever been in a poorly structured interview where no one is taking control?  If no one is taking control of your interview, you might not get the job. Here are 4 warning signs to recognize an inexperienced interviewer, and how to professionally handle it. I am… Read More »

8 Simple Tips for KEEPING your New Year Goals

How to Build Trust

Make good GR8 Choices 8 tips for KEEPING your New Year goals We can set all the goals in the world but the success of your achievements will still boil down to one thing…great choices!  Expect that you will be challenged and here are a few tips to keep those goals in a positive direction… Read More »

Hire for attitude, train for skills.

Hire for Attitude

Recruiting top talent with a unique skill set has always been hard. Recruiting the right skills plus the right attitude….it’s crazy hard. If you had to make a choice of one over the other, which one would you pick? Learn why companies like Southwest Airlines pick attitude as the key factor in hiring criteria and… Read More »

Pajama Day: An Easter Seals Fundraiser

PAJAMAS AT WORK! Join Agency 8 in our Annual Pajamas at Work fundraiser for Easter Seals, an organization that provides services to kids with disabilities.  Participating in charitable activities increases employee morale.  Wearing PJs at the Holidays brings festive cheer! Your organization can make a difference in the lives of many special needs children through… Read More »