What’s the Secret to Getting the Job Offer?

Want to know the secret to getting the job offer? It’s a lot simpler than you think….. ASK FOR THE JOB! It sounds simple but no one does it. If you want something, ask for it. Most people end the interview discussion with a question like “What’s the next step?” or “when will I hear… Read More »

April’s Talent Showcase

 Finance| Human Resource |Engineering| Technical | Administrative| Logistics| Operations Accounting Specialist: Candi is a highly energetic team player with 16 + years of oil field products and production experience with a worldwide oil & gas organization. She has working knowledge of billing, general office and SAP – Order Fulfillment. Accounting experience in oil & gas… Read More »

Assess Job Fit To Find the Right Employee

Assess Job Fit To Find the Right Employee What is the difference between job fit and person-job fit? Job fit and person-job fit are two related but distinct concepts used by employers to select the right employee for a particular job. Job fit refers to the process of determining whether an applicant’s skills, qualifications, and… Read More »

3 Things to do When You Fall Out of Love with Your Job

Have You Fallen Out of Love with Your Job? If you’ve fallen out of love with a job you previously adored, take the time to understand why. Before you hand in your 2-week notice, try to identify what’s causing it – are you undervalued, bored, or is it something more serious? Can it be fixed?… Read More »

Talent Showcase – February 2023

job search advice

At Agency 8 our seasoned Recruiters hunt down quality candidates for you through Referrals, Sourcing, and Headhunting. Over 50% of our placements come from Referrals. As a Full-Service Recruitment, Staffing and HR Consulting firm, we offer quality placements nationwide, backed by a Guarantee of Success.  Engineering| Technical |Administrative| Logistics | Operations | Finance| Human Resources|… Read More »

Support Growing for Labor Unions by Gen Z and Younger

unions growing in popularity among younger generations

Labor Union Support is growing in Popularity Among Younger Generations in the Workplace Support is growing for Unionization and threatening Businesses across the nation.  This trend is surprising many HR leaders who want to know… what is behind the movement? The trends of social media, including TikTok, are being used to galvanize younger workers and… Read More »

Agency 8 Spreads Holiday Cheer

  There was peace of mind and joyous hearts at the start of the New Year for Agency 8. It is our #1 goal every holiday season to give back, offering help and hope to those in need. This year, we would like to give a special thanks to Easterseals Greater Houston and Bay Area… Read More »

Agency 8 Helps kids at the Holidays

Agency 8 Recruiting and Staffing is excited about giving back to 2 amazing organizations this Holiday season with a local focus on our Houston community. First, we are doing our annual toy drive to fund the Christmas store.  The Bay Area Turning Point is a shelter for survivors of Domestic and sexual violence. We volunteer… Read More »

Talent Showcase – November 2022

  At Agency 8 our seasoned recruiters hunt down quality candidates for you through Referrals, Sourcing, and Headhunting. In addition to temp-to-hire solutions, we also offer direct-hire services. As a Full-Service Recruitment and HR Consulting firm we offer quality placements nationwide, backed by a Guarantee of Success.   Finance| Human Resources| Engineering| Technical |Administrative| Logistics… Read More »

Will Remote Workers Get Terminated First?

Currently, most companies are still hiring to catch up with their customers’ supply demands. But, could that all change soon? While we are hoping to avoid a recession, the market has been a volatile rollercoaster ride. So as employers, we must be prepared. If companies need to make budget and employment cuts, who will go… Read More »