How to Recognize and Decrease Burnout in Remote Employees

Working from home was once a rare novelty that only a few professionals were able to do, but now there has been an increase in telecommuting due to stay-at-home orders. With all of the stresses that have impacted the world, an increase of burnout has followed.  Employers had to quickly change to a work-from-home environment… Read More »

Why the New “Holiday” Tax Deferral Might Not be a Good Plan for Your Employees or Company

The IRS on 8/28/2020 issued guidance (PDF) implementing the Presidential Memorandum to  IR-2020-195 allowing employers to defer withholding and payment of the employee’s portion of the Social Security tax if the employee’s wages are below a certain amount (less than $4,000 during a bi-weekly pay period). They are dubbing this as a payroll tax “holiday,” but it is… Read More »

Is Going to Grad School a Good Option During the Pandemic?

Unstable job market, high unemployment, lay offs left and right: who would want to job search right now? If you’re about to granulate from undergrad, going straight into grad school seems like a good option. You can wait out 2+ years to see if the job market gets better, continue to defer student loan payments,… Read More »

Should Employers Allow Employees to Work From Home After the Pandemic Ends?

Our daily lives have changed dramatically since the pandemic started. Whether you have been working exclusively at home or go into the office on an alternating schedule, we’ve now been given the luxury of working from home. While the conditions of working from home may not be ideal, kids being home and the looming threat… Read More »

Hurricanes AND the Pandemic, You have got to be Kidding Me?

Our uninvited guests Marco and Laura are quickly approaching. What steps should you be taking to prepare your business now, especially in the midst of the Covid pandemic? No amount of hand sanitizer can stop a hurricane-as we all know. While a business can’t control where a storm hits or how damaging it will be,… Read More »

An Extrovert’s Guide to Working From Home

Extroverts get their energy from interacting with other humans. In a time of social distancing and working remotely, extroverts have not been able to engage with the outside world. Chatting with co-workers over tea and congregating in the break room has ended and been replaced with the harrowing Zoom meeting. Nights out have stopped indefinitely,… Read More »

How To Balance Working From Home & Online Schooling for Your Children

With HISD and other school districts opting for online learning for the fall semester has once again put parents who work from home to be a caretaker, teacher, and employee all at the same time. Ending the school year online was difficult, but beginning the school year online is another story. School districts are working… Read More »

How to Instantly Improve your Child’s Workspace

It’s that time of the year again: Back to School. But it looks drastically different this year. In March, many parents became caretakers, teachers, and employees, which are all hard in individually but combined together is difficult to balance. Juggling all of these roles can leave you to fall behind, leading to repercussions we don’t… Read More »

Graduating During the Pandemic? Here’s How to Secure a Job

  We all thought that only the Class of 2020 was going to have online graduation and job uncertainty, but the woes of the pandemic seem like they are bleeding into 2021. Graduating is scary by itself, but graduating during a pandemic and high unemployment adds additional anxiety to your life. With impending student loan… Read More »

Ace Your Next Interview With the STAR Method

Behavioral interview questions are the bane of job seekers’ existence, but they are essential to hiring managers as they help predict a candidate’s future performance and behavior. These questions are designed to assess your personality, abilities, and skills, so it is extremely important that you answer these questions tactfully. Stumped on how to answer these… Read More »